2 05, 2024

INFOGRAPHIC – The probiotics market in 2023

2024-05-02T08:45:15+02:0002 May 2024|That's your concern, Trends and Innovation|Comments Off on INFOGRAPHIC – The probiotics market in 2023

Probiotics market in France in 2023? The 2024 food supplements observatory produced by Synadiet has just been published. A large section is devoted to a flagship ingredient: probiotics. They rank 3rd among the most widely consumed ingredients, after vitamins/minerals and beehive products. The probiotics market in brief This survey of the probiotics market, carried out among 1,000 French people representative of the population, highlighted several key points: Consumption of probiotics is on the increase compared with previous years; Over the past 24 months, almost 50% of French people have consumed them (47% of adults and 40% of children); They are mainly [...]

10 01, 2020

L’Amibiote: the friendly bread for intestinal bacteria

2021-08-18T12:04:59+02:0010 January 2020|Trends and Innovation|Comments Off on L’Amibiote: the friendly bread for intestinal bacteria

L’Amibiote, a beneficial bread for intestinal bacteria, is now sold in several markets. A bakery innovation combining pleasure and health. Here we are: the new year is on its way! Why not start it by taking care of your intestinal microbiota? You can change some eating habits by consuming probiotic microorganisms naturally presents in lacto-fermented foods or in food supplements or by consuming food rich in prebiotics such as fiber. This is the second option that interests us now. Indeed, Le Duff Group has developed alongside DR. Joël Doré, well-known expert of intestinal microbiota at INRA, a benefactor bread for our [...]

25 01, 2019

Finding age with the intestinal microbiota is now possible!

2020-05-26T14:06:46+02:0025 January 2019|The Science, Trends and Innovation, Unusual|Comments Off on Finding age with the intestinal microbiota is now possible!

Assessing the age of someone with gut microbiota is possible. This method is based on the analysis of the intestinal microbiota composition. The intestinal microbiota tends to be considered stable and mature around the age of 2-3 years. However, it may undergo some changes over time. Alex Zhavoronkov, a longevity researcher, and colleagues from the artificial intelligence startup InSilico Medicine, decided to create an artificial intelligence that can predict people’s biological age, by DNA analysis of the gut microbiota. A total of 1,165 people between 20 and 90 from different countries were enrolled in this study. More than 3,600 stool samples [...]

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