18 02, 2022

Coffee: a drink that impacts digestion and microbiota?

2022-02-18T09:39:37+01:0018 February 2022|Digest, Non classé, That's your concern, The Science|Comments Off on Coffee: a drink that impacts digestion and microbiota?

Ground, bean, pod or capsule, coffee is one of the most consumed drinks in the world. However, is this drink beneficial or harmful to health, especially to the gut microbiota? Astrid Nehlig, research director at INSERM*, has carried out a review of the scientific literature published in Nutrients, on the impact of coffee on the gastrointestinal tract. No less than 194 publications were analyzed! In this article, we will only focus on its beneficial effects on digestion and the intestinal microbiota. Coffee to help you digest According to Astrid Nehlig's findings, moderate coffee consumption (3 to 5 cups per day according [...]

17 09, 2021

INFOGRAPHIC – Intestinal microbiota of the elderly and benefits of probiotics

2021-09-16T09:59:08+02:0017 September 2021|Digest, Immunity, That's your concern|Comments Off on INFOGRAPHIC – Intestinal microbiota of the elderly and benefits of probiotics

How does the gut microbiota change over the course of a lifetime and what are its characteristics in the elderly? How can probiotic supplementation help them to improve their well-being? References Pictures : Freepik ROSIQUE RM, LANGELLA P, CHATEL JM. Microbiote et vieillissement. Innovations Agronomiques, INRAE. 2018, 65:55-66

24 07, 2020

D as digestion

2021-08-18T11:51:39+02:0024 July 2020|Digest, Glossary|Comments Off on D as digestion

Eating is a universal and daily act that is essential for human survival. Food that we eat contains nutrients, which are vital for our body to function properly. During the digestion phenomenon, the large molecules provided by food are broken down in the digestive tract into nutrients, which will pass into the blood in order to be used by the cells of the organism. Digestive physiology The digestive tract is like a “pipe” about 7 meters long which extends from the mouth to the anus. This organ is very sophisticated: numerous biological and chemical reactions take place. A muscular system is [...]

29 05, 2020

BOOK – À fleur de pet

2021-08-18T10:26:49+02:0029 May 2020|Digest, That's your concern|Comments Off on BOOK – À fleur de pet

Dora Moutot, journalist, wrote the book “À fleur de pet” based on her experiences. A complicated medical journey A true sharing of her story, in which she explains her symptoms and her complicated medical journey. Her suffering is both physical and mental with a disease not understood. Indeed, gas and bloating punctuate her life and no solution seems to answer these problems. Social isolation, misunderstanding of health professionals and those around them, stress, embarrassment and untimely pain are part of her daily life. Doctors diagnose her with functional colopathy, also known as irritable bowel syndrome. Unfortunately, this is a label that [...]

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