The Holiday Season is a great occasion to find your family around real feasts. Rich, fatty, sugary and alcoholic meals, you have completely left out the dietetic rules. In addition, your lifestyles are changed : never-ending meals, late bedtime… Your digestive system is seriously challenged!

As a result, your intestinal microbiota is unbalenced (dysbiosis) and you suffer from digestive disorders such as bloating, reflux, transit problems or feelings of heaviness.

In order to live this post-holiday period in a better way, good reflexes can be adopted to limit these troubles. What better than probiotics recognized for their modulatory effects on the intestinal microbiota ?! These living microorganisms will restore and strengthen your intestinal flora while improving the digestion and assimilation of nutrients. No more digestive discomfort or transit disorders. You will therefore feel lighter to confront this new year !