Dora Moutot, journalist, wrote the book “À fleur de pet” based on her experiences.

A complicated medical journey

A true sharing of her story, in which she explains her symptoms and her complicated medical journey. Her suffering is both physical and mental with a disease not understood. Indeed, gas and bloating punctuate her life and no solution seems to answer these problems. Social isolation, misunderstanding of health professionals and those around them, stress, embarrassment and untimely pain are part of her daily life.

Doctors diagnose her with functional colopathy, also known as irritable bowel syndrome. Unfortunately, this is a label that doctors fairly easily give to patients when digestives troubles cannot be explained…

Dora Moutot does her own investigation

Tired of not being taken seriously by specialists, of testing “false” solutions and of not being able to put words on her illness, Dora Moutot begins a real investigation. Digestive physiology, intestinal microbiota and known digestive diseases are the subjects of interest that start her book.

Once the foundations are established, she then turns to scientific publications and patient groups on Facebook in order to put a name on her disease. Indeed, the woes from which she suffers do not fully correspond to “classic” digestive pathologies. Dora Moutot then heard about SIBO (Small Intestinal Bacteria Overgrowth), corresponding to a bacterial proliferation in the small intestine. She recognizes some symptoms: flatulence, bloating, diarrhea, constipation, depression… She talks about it to her gastroenterologists who prescribes a “Breath test”, which allows her to detect high gas production.

After 10 years of diagnostic wandering, she finally knows: Dora Moutot suffers from SIBO. Currently, there is no treatment to combat the disease. Only restrictive diets or herbs can help relieve symptoms.

In this book, Dora Moutot tells us her story. She writes as she speaks and brings a note of humor to a subject which can be perilous to approach. She popularizes science, making information accessible to people with little knowledge of the subject. Once started, it’s difficult to stop!



Dora Moutot. À fleur de pet. Guy Trédaniel éditeur, 2019