Probiotics market in France in 2023?

The 2024 food supplements observatory produced by Synadiet has just been published. A large section is devoted to a flagship ingredient: probiotics.

They rank 3rd among the most widely consumed ingredients, after vitamins/minerals and beehive products.

The probiotics market in brief

This survey of the probiotics market, carried out among 1,000 French people representative of the population, highlighted several key points:

  • Consumption of probiotics is on the increase compared with previous years;
  • Over the past 24 months, almost 50% of French people have consumed them (47% of adults and 40% of children);
  • They are mainly used for digestive comfort and immunity. However, they are also used to balance the skin, boost mood, rebalance vaginal flora and for oral health;
  • Consumers have a high level of confidence and a strong image of effectiveness.

In the coming years, it is highly likely that the consumption of probiotics will continue to rise in France. Indeed, with their benefits increasingly recognised and scientifically proven, particularly for digestion, immunity, intimate comfort, emotional well-being, etc., their popularity is growing all the time.