That’s it, here you are in holidays! You can finally be relax, enjoy the sun and fill you up with vitamin D. Sunbathing at the seaside or adventurer in forest, your skin may become red… The UV rays of the sun will strongly attack you and give you a color, more approximating a vanilla/strawberry appearance than a beautiful tanned color! In addition to have this intensive red apparence, you will suffer and peel. Your skin will loose moisture and will be damaged. It will be less elastic and its ability to defend against free radicals will be reduced.

Do not hesitate any longer for taking probiotics which can have an action on sun damage!

Studies show that a probiotic consumption leads to a faster recovery from sunburn : decreased erythema, faster regeneration and gain in elasticity. In other words, a probiotic consumption can lower the adverse effects related to a too long sun exposition. So think about probiotics and your skin will say you thank you !



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