This year again, Probiota scientific event was rich in sharing knowledge and interesting meetings. Many topics were discussed: the awareness of European consumers about the importance of taking care of their digestive health (health through prevention), as well as the research of new sources of probiotic bacteria from fermented foods such as kefir. The effects of a synbiotic association on the allergic phenomenon, or the interest of probiotic bacteria in preterm babies, were also discussed at Probiota.

In addition, we can ask the question about the interest of intake of only one well-documented strain or a more systemic approach with the supplementation of a multi-strains combination. We believe that in order to restore a microbiota in dysbiosis, as can be the intestinal microbiota during life or in certain pathological situations, it may be interesting to provide a combination of several probiotic bacteria in order to rebalance an entire ecosystem. And you, what do you think ?