20 01, 2023

Does meditation improve health via the microbiota?

2023-01-18T16:36:10+01:0020 January 2023|Brain-Gut, The Science|Comments Off on Does meditation improve health via the microbiota?

A team of researchers has analysed the composition of the intestinal microbiota of Buddhist monks to determine the impact of meditation on health.   Many studies have shown the positive impact of regular meditation exercises on physical and mental health. Reduced anxiety, modulation of emotions, regulation of attention... these are just a few examples that can be cited. In addition, more and more scientific studies have confirmed the influence of the intestinal microbiota on the brain, with an action on mood, stress, and cognition via the microbiota-gut-brain axis. Therefore, a team of researchers has put forward the following hypothesis: could it [...]

5 04, 2019

BOOK – The Mind-Gut Connection

2021-08-20T12:04:46+02:0005 April 2019|Brain-Gut, That's your concern, The Science|Comments Off on BOOK – The Mind-Gut Connection

In his latest book, "The Mind-Gut Connection," Emeran Mayer MD, a gastroenterologist and professor at the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA), denounces the traditional mechanistic and martial approach to treating the disease, which consists of repair the damaged part without looking at the body as a whole and without knowing its origin. Already at the medical school, Emeran Mayer was not convinced by this traditional approach of medicine and it was during his third year he wanted to study how the brain interacts with the body in the hope of better understanding some diseases especially chronic diseases whose functioning [...]

28 12, 2018

BOOK – L’intestin, notre deuxième cerveau : tout savoir de cet organe complexe et de son rôle clé pour la santé

2019-08-12T10:41:23+02:0028 December 2018|Brain-Gut, That's your concern|Comments Off on BOOK – L’intestin, notre deuxième cerveau : tout savoir de cet organe complexe et de son rôle clé pour la santé

Professor Francisca Joly Gomez is a professor of nutrition, nutritionist and gastroenterologist. In her book “L’intestin, notre deuxième cerveau”, she details the roles of the different parts of the digestive system and also the close connection between the intestine, the brain and other organs. She explains to us the primary function of our gut in the food metabolism to ensure the proper functioning of our body. Supported by scientific arguments, she also discusses about: the impact of various deficiencies on our body, certain digestives pathologies such as Crohn’s diseases, irritable bowel syndrome…, extra-digestive diseases such as asthma and Parkinson’s disease. To [...]

30 11, 2018

Bacteria in the brain

2019-08-12T10:43:12+02:0030 November 2018|Brain-Gut, That's your concern, The Science|Comments Off on Bacteria in the brain

It is well known that bacteria constituting the intestinal microbiota interact with the brain and can influence our mood. However, scientists thought that the brain was sterile, i.e. without any bacterium thanks to the blood brain barrier considered as a filter. But it would seem that a cerebral microbiota exists. This has been suggested by a laboratory from the University of Alabama in Birmingham, at the Society for Neuroscience congress. The researchers studied 34 brains of dead people with schizophrenia or in good health to get these preliminary results. No brain showed inflammation signs. They observed rod shapes by microscopy in each [...]

1 06, 2018

Brain : The impact of gut microbiota varies according to sexual indentity and age

2020-05-26T14:24:17+02:0001 June 2018|Brain-Gut, The Science|Comments Off on Brain : The impact of gut microbiota varies according to sexual indentity and age

The intestinal microbiota is a critical point in our well-being and our health. We know that many pathologies or discomforts can result when this one is unbalanced. It is also accepted that the intestines and the brain are closely linked. The gut microbiota is a major player in ensuring the good communication between these two organs. We also know the involvement of intestines and intestinal microbiota in immunity : nearly 70% of immune cells are hosted by our intestines ; and a healthy microbiota limits the proliferation of harmful agents in our body. Do you know that the intestinal microbiota can impact immune [...]

18 05, 2018

Postnatal depression : probiotics help moms !

2020-05-26T14:28:18+02:0018 May 2018|Brain-Gut, That's your concern, Women|Comments Off on Postnatal depression : probiotics help moms !

The birth of a new child in a family is always a source of joy and happiness. But for some women, baby's arrival at home creates in them a blues, named "baby blues". Baby blues is usually temporary and only lasts a few days. If after several weeks no change is observed, we speak then about postnatal depression. In France, the number of women affected by the postnatal depression is estimated at 15%. The most common symptoms include sleep disturbances, excessive tiredness , difficulty concentrating, irritability and disorders in mother-baby interaction. To help moms, a team of New Zealand researchers was interested in the [...]

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