22 03, 2019

The intestinal microbiota: related to malnutrition?

2020-05-26T13:00:08+02:0022 March 2019|Children, The Science|Comments Off on The intestinal microbiota: related to malnutrition?

Many bacteria are housed in our intestines, essential to the functioning of the organism and the maintenance of the health. In particular, they have proved their beneficial effects in the context of digestion. Indeed, these bacteria degrade food in nutrients in order to make them usable by our body, essential to the growth of a living being. The microbiota could therefore be an important part in the overall growth process. According to the World Health Organization, more than 155 million children under 5 years old were stunted growth due to malnutrition in 2016. In case of chronic malnutrition, the gut microbiota [...]