Probiota took place this year in Dublin, Ireland. Probiota is the essential event for knowing the latest news on the human microbiota, the effects of probiotics and prebiotics.

Several hot topics emerged from the conferences, discussions and meetings.

In terms of scientific results, it was once again emphasized, the importance of having a diverse intestinal microbiota to strengthen the intestinal barrier and counter chronic and infectious diseases. The quality of clinical trials is also important. Indeed, they must be constructed considering fundamental parameters, such as the interindividual diversity of the microbiota.

Evidence from the probiotics market was presented. There has been a strong growth in e-commerce; new consumer desires, such as new forms of probiotic intake; but also, the emergence of new health axis: for example, there is a growing demand for solutions intended to rebalance the skin microbiota.

Digestion and immunity nonetheless remain well-appreciated health axes.

Consumer education was also at the heart of discussions: how to avoid confusion when we are faced with “bad buzz” articles that are sometimes written without foundation. Therefore, how to communicate to help them to detect the truth of the forgery.

The skin microbiota and the gut-brain axis were the subjects of interest on the third day! The beauty world is now interested in rebalancing the skin microbiota by using probiotics. In the meantime, researchers continue to study the close link between the pathologies of brain dysfunction and the intestinal microbiota.

Prebiotics and fermented foods have also the wind in their sails: and if we went through a change in our diet to improve our health?

These 3 days were rich in information as every year. They also allow us to remain efficient and to continue to offer ever more innovative formulas in many market segments of interest.