The new Probiota’s edition took place this year in Barcelona. The event was once again rich in information about pre & probiotics, focused on market analysis, latest scientific research, and technological innovations as well as business opportunities.

Many scientific topics were detailed during these 2 days: the incidence of infant nutrition on the establishment of gut microbiota during the first 1000 days ; the impact of the vaginal microbiota changes on the pregnant woman and the unborn child ; the influence of physical exercise on the elite athletes microbiota… but also the consumers perception : What do the words « microbiota », « probiotics » and « prebiotics » mean ? Words that still seem unclear but that keep gaining interest.

It has also been raised the question of the probiotics regulation : What are the news ? Currently, there is not favorable regulations on the use of claims or the word « probiotics » itself. This constraint then leads manufacturers to communicate differently. But they are still optimistic about the acceptance of the term « probiotic » and some claims in the near future. And you, what do you think about ?