Besides the emotional aspect that animals can give us, it seems that they also affect our health! In particular, dogs.

According to scientists of Arizona University, the bacteria contained in dogs mouth would be beneficial for them… But also for us ! They assume that dog drool would contain good bacteria that would boost our immune and digestive system. Studies have already shown that dogs saliva has proteins that accelerate healing by more rapidly regenerating cells. But researchers also seem to think that owners who let themselves lick their face could benefit from the bacteria of their pet’s saliva.

To test this hypothesis and confirm it, a study will be launched. The researchers intend to recrut volunteers aged over 50 years who have not attended dogs for more than 6 months. Each volunteer will adopt a dog for the duration of the study (or even definitively !). Medical check-ups will be carried out after one, two and three months to observe the evolution of the immune system of the volunteer since the arrival of his companion on all fours.

Dogs are really man’s best friends!