The new Probiota edition will take place at Copenhagen, from 13th to 15th February 2019. On the agenda: 3 days of presentations on the latest news related to the microbiota, microbiome*, pro- et prebiotics.

Once again, renowned experts from around the world will share their scientific, technical and market knowledge. Bringing together experts from industries and academia, Probiota will permit us discuss challenges and market opportunities.

During these conference days, we will learn more about:

  • The microbiome through the lifestages,
  • The diversity of microbiomes according to geographical regions,
  • Market trends and innovation opportunities,
  • The latest scientific developments in the fields of pre- and probiotics and the microbiome,
  • Clinical opportunities and microbiome therapeutics.

Probiota 2019 is looking highly promising and rich in information, allowing us to learn more about the microbiota.

Stay connected to follow the outlines of the event!

*Microbiome = set of genomes of bacteria colonizing the organism of an individual.